Just a few Random thoughts

I’m currently writing a sequel.  The lead character is a late-blooming journalist, working in a blog factory as a receptionist.  She had every intention when she graduated with her degree to become a serious journalist.  Is there really such a thing anymore?  Has journalism gone by the wayside like drive in movie theaters?

When I think journalist, I think of people like Edward R. Murrow or David Brinkley.  Men who we believed.  Men (who appeared) to have integrity.  Then you have people like Brian Williams who get caught in lies and you begin to wonder, are any of the mainstream media trustworthy?

Case in point, the presidential election.  It’s all anyone’s read or heard anything (that is if you’re ever on the internet, watch television or listen to the radio).  I get it.  It’s a big year.  It’s an election year.  But I wonder, have we heard the truth come out of anyone’s mouth this entire campaign?

I try not to follow politics not because I’m ignorant or do not care about my country..  On the contrary, I LOVE my country.  I have served my country faithfully for the past 29 years.  I will continue to do so until the day I retire.  I love my country so much that I fear we are going down the same path as Rome before it fell to its knees. History does repeat itself.

I don’t have a solution to our country’s woes.  I don’t want the responsibility of 318.9 million people in the palm of my hands.  That’s a job reserved for Hands more capable than myself.

If I had one piece of advice to my countryman, turn to God, repent of your sins.  This country needs revival!  Soon.

That’s just one strong-willed woman’s opinion.

Love y’all and good night.





Trying this out

Well, this is my first blog post so bear with me.  I am an aspiring author.  I have submitted my first two manuscripts (only to have them both rejected).  I am, however, not discouraged.  It is a tough business breaking into the romance writing game and this I am aware.  So, I will persevere and submit again (and again and again and again).  If you’d like to read a sample of my book, let me know.