Where Did January Go?

Where did January go?  In two days it will be February.  TWO DAYS!  Is it just me or does time seem to go by faster the older I get?

I look back at the last ten years and realize how far I’ve come.  I edge closer to retirement as each day passes.  (Makes me sound old.)   I’m looking forward to retirement.  Here’s to praying I can actually afford to live on a retired salary.

I have set myself a goal.  I want to be a published author.  I have given myself five years.  Five years to write, edit, get a social media following (hence the blog, Twitter and Facebook pages) and hopefully sell books.  I’m realistic.  I don’t want to be Danielle Steele or J.K. Rowling.  I could care less if I get uber rich.  I just want to a) sell enough to supplement my retirement and b) have people read (AND LOVE) my stories.

I have always been a story-teller.  Just as my cousin Kay.  We would sit out on Granny’s front porch talking all day about some movie-length dream I’d had the night before.  Filling in the gaps with embellishment.  We’d also sing on the swing too until Granny would scream out the front door telling us to shut up.

So, if you feel so incline, please follow my blog; leave comments, encouragement but leave your negativity in your head.  Too much of that around the world anyhow.  Don’t need it here.

Thanks for reading.

Cera Fallon

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