Sunday Night Blues

It’s Sunday night and I’m sitting at my laptop dreading going back to work tomorrow.  I like my day job well enough but it’s not what I’d rather be doing.  I started my career because I was forced to get out of bed at 20 (even though I’d only been out of college a few months and only unemployed for 2 weeks) by my mom.  She insisted I get up and go drop the application that took me an entire weekend to fill out.  Twenty-nine years later I’m still working for the same entity.  Different job; higher pay but no real job satisfaction.

I wanted to go to law school and become a lawyer.  Yes, I like to argue but that’s not the point.  I had this great need to right the wrongs of this world and as a young person, I actually believed that one person could make a difference.  There’s a part of me that would like to still believe that, but I don’t.

The real passion I have for my life’s work is writing.  I started reading when I was two years old.  Granted, I wasn’t reading War and Peace but I certainly could read the Reader’s Digest.  My mom was a firm believer in reading to a child and for that, I’m eternally grateful to Mom.  Yes, I’m grateful that she also forced me to get my butt out of bed and go to work too but for different reasons.  I will be able to retire young (56 if I have my way) and be able to enjoy the rest of my non-working career doing what I love best (God willing).  That is travel and write (AND most importantly) sell books.

So, I am finally putting myself out there and taking a chance.  I have one completed novel and have put it in the hands of a publishing house.  Ninety days later, I got my first rejection.  The first of many to come.  I didn’t expect to get picked up by the first publisher and yes I was disappointed.  I think what I was most disappointed about was the fact that I didn’t get any input as to why my book didn’t fit in to what they were wanting to publish.  I wasn’t expecting a critique, but it would have been nice if the editor could have said, “perhaps you should send your manuscript to XYZ editor/publisher.  They’re always looking for new authors.”

Too much to hope for?  Yes, I suppose.  I know they have a lot on their plates besides my silly little manuscript, but still, I was disappointed, nonetheless..

Well, that’s my rant for the night.  Check back soon.

That’s just one strong-willed woman’s opinion.

Love y’all and good night.

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